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This is due to the fact that the first class passengers still have to walk through the metal detector and are still subjected to checks by immigration much like everyone else. Sometimes, you may even need to leave behind your expensive accessories like earrings or cuff links just because they may pose a security threat. This can be quite frustrating. Of course if you're just going to the store you would opt for a regular taxicab or even ride your bicycle. But if you're only traveling three or 400 miles that would make sense to take an air taxi. If you're going 500 or more miles you may go to an international airport to jump on a giant airliner. Oh, one more thing there will not be a pilot in your air taxi, as it will run like an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV. That's correct, just like the Predator Drones used by the United States Air Force in Iraq. Part 135 air taxi certificate which authorizes it to fly for hire. Sometimes companies attempt to fly under the less strict Part 91 regulations. These rules have far less FAA oversight, and as a result, the liability of the passenger is increased. This price includes the costs associated with operating the aircraft such as pilot salary and fuel costs but does not include some extra charges that may add considerably to your expenses such as: Taxes - generally 7.5% of the total price. Repositioning fees - Let's say you want to fly out of Santa Monica, California but the aircraft is located in San Diego. I have listed below each category West Virginia certified pilots and how it may affect your particular flight. Aircraft Performance Not only does each aircraft type have its own performance characteristics, but each individual plane may have different weights, modifications and operating procedures. For example: a typical Citation II has a shorter range than one with a High Gross Kit modification, which allows it to take off and land with additional fuel onboard. Also, different avionics can affect the weight and balance of an aircraft.

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